I recently learned, from watching the documentary The World According to Sesame Street, that Bangladesh has been producing its own version of Sesame Street, Sisimpur, for the last 5 years. Cofunded by Bangladesh Television (BTV) and USAID, the show is the first educational show for children in the country. It looks like a lot of fun -- instead of Big Bird, the main character is a environmentalist tiger named Halum.

Producer Nadine Zylstra... worked with advisors to develop characters that are
uniquely Bangladeshi and continue the country’s artistic tradition of puppet
making. As Chief Creative Advisor Mustafa Manwar explains, “This is a developing country. But one thing we are very, very proud of is our literature, culture and song... in this world, internationalism doesn’t mean that you must copy each country. It means your best thing, your own country’s best thing, when you can give it to the world, they will appreciate it.”