Wind for Michigan

After losing thousands of auto industry jobs in the last decade, Michigan was looking to invest in renewable energy (specifically, wind) to breath some life back into the manufacturing sector. The Detroit News recently reported that the plan has faced a difficult start though, due to the lagging economy. Wind turbine and blade manufacturers in Novi, Manistee and Holland, among others, are ready to begin production, but the orders aren’t coming in. Much of the support for this industry in Michigan has come from state and federal tax credits.

On a related note, Michigan is also considering installing an offshore wind farm of its own on the west side of the state, in Ludington. Offshore farms are apparently more effective than land-based farms. The idea has faced opposition from people who don’t want to ruin the view, highlighting another example of people using aesthetic values to form opinions about environmental matters. If implemented, it’d be the first offshore wind farm in the US. Having traveled around Germany recently, I rather like wind farms. They’re quite majestic.