Bike Week

Last week I was infected with bike fever, starting on Monday with a trip to the League of American Bicyclists HQ in downtown DC (always makes me think of the "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen"). LAB, of course, is the organization behind the increasingly popular “Bike to Work” month/week/day, also taking place at the time. I lounged on a bench outside their offices at Farragut Square before the meeting while the crisply-dressed workers of DC rented and returned CaBi bikes from a busy station nearby. At LAB, I learned about their “Bike Friendly America” program and took home a bunch of brochures, a “bumper sticker” for my bike, and a pin. Swag!

Nonprofits advertise on bike racks
I’ve been riding my bike pretty much everywhere lately (to the dentist, a Spanish lesson, volunteering, grocery store), partly because I moved to a town with better bike trails, partly because I don’t have a job to go to. On Friday morning, I rode to the Reston pit stop of Bike to Work Day and milled around taking pictures and eating a free cinnamon scone and coffee. More brochures were acquired. I met a potential new hiking buddy who also didn’t have to work on Friday but was enjoying the vibe and the excuse to pull the bike out.

Despite a derailleur and hanger adjustment, my bike is still having some shifting issues (at the very least, I’ve learned what “derailleurs” and “hangers” are) and I’ve had a few dicey moments involving glass and tree branches, but I’m digging this new freedom. I like that you can send a friendly “good morning” to your fellow commuters and that you can hear all the nature noises while you’re riding the W&OD.

And just to keep the eye on the prize, GOOD magazine tips us to this video of yet another enlightened Dutch bike amenity. Drool.