Quote of the Day: Björk

"...the whole thing started as an environmental thing for me. Huge aluminum factories were about to get built — me and my friends and more than half of the nation feel like it’s not a really good idea, but we just happened to not be politicians..."

"For a weekend, us and 150 experts, sat down and wrote a manifesto to give to the government, like laws they could change now, without it costing any money to make it easier for startups... there’s like 5000 things you could do, you could harness the tides in your bay, you could start a computer company, but basically in all the villages in the countryside it was just like, no, one aluminum factory and everybody will get jobs, end of story, end of discussion..."

"We started a petition and were trying to get people to sign it to not privatize access to our natural energy resources. 48,000 people signed it in the end. We ended with a marathon Karaoke that took four days and we got up to this 48,000. It was really touching. Old ladies had driven on their old trucks or jeeps or whatever from the other side of the island and they just stood up on their own and said “I don’t want a karaoke machine” and sung acapella, the national anthem, like crying, and all these farmers would come … and choirs would come and sing “we want to keep our natural resources ourselves; we’re not selling to ALCOA or international companies." - Björk, in an interview on her new album Biophilia with Stereogum.