Environmental News Roundup: South Africa

Durban, South Africa by cdngrlnaomi
"In the course of her work, Coleman-Adebayo traveled to South Africa, and said that she discovered an American company there was ignoring the health complaints of its South African workers. They were mining the substance vanadium, and many of those miners suffered from serious health problems." - High Price Of Blowing The Whistle On EPA

"Naidoo, a 46-year-old human-rights activist from South Africa who has held the top job at Greenpeace for two years, has always shared with the organization a taste for direct action. But his willingness to negotiate with multinational corporations is a new and controversial direction for the organization." - Can This Man Save the Planet?

“In a recent TED talk, deNapoli describes how in June of 2000, the oil tanker Treasure sank off the cost of South Africa, during the best breeding season on record thus far for the then-threatened (now endangered) African Penguin. The effort to save oiled penguins became the largest animal rescue effort ever recorded. - TED Talk: How Over 40,000 Penguins Were Rescued From An Oil Spill

"As intensifying publicity about the environmental risks of fracking has spread from the United States to South Africa, opposition to hydrofracturing in the Karoo has grown, prompting the South African government to place a moratorium on all future fracking permits until the practice’s environmental impacts can be evaluated." - In Arid South African Lands, Fracking Controversy Emerges

"2011 is shaping up to be one of the worst years on record for rhinos… llegal hunters have been taking advantage of South Africa's border with Swaziland in order to avoid detection." - 193 Rhinos Killed in South Africa So Far This Year

"The report condemns suburban sprawl and much post-apartheid planning. It endorses the “polluter pays” principle, which, if ever implemented, would radically improve the city’s environment. But what hope is there for implementation given our rulers’ pro-pollution bias?" - South Africa: Durban's greenwash ahead of climate conference

"The City of Cape Town yesterday completed an oil spill clean-up operation at Bloubergstrand after oil seeped from the wrecked hull of the Seli 1 which had broken into three pieces." - City seeks legal advice after oil spill clean up

"Rising demand from the international market has made the charcoal industry a vital part of the Nigerian economy, with local suppliers scarcely able to meet demand in Europe and America. The demand is also huge within the African continent. For many South African barbecues, for instance, charcoal is essential." - Rising global demand fuels charcoal production

"South Africa has been sending top officials to Beijing's Communist Party School to learn how to run state-owned companies more profitably." - In Africa, U.S. Watches China's Rise

"City officials and activists are concerned that Durbanites should be leading the green campaign and be ready to show off how environmentally friendly the city and its citizens are as eThekwini prepares itself for what everyone who is anyone is describing as “the biggest conference the country has hosted”" - Environmental eyes of the world on SA