Hopeful Cynics to Watch

Two of my friends are producing quality, enlightening stuff on policy and aren't getting the audience they deserve, so please subscribe, bookmark, download... you know, do what you have to do:

The Antidiluvian (blog): Sieren runs her own consulting business on carbon markets, speaks Mandarin and runs circles around anyone who engages her in a conversation about climate policy. I've witnessed her publicly shaming a high-level Obama administration official about climate change by quoting his own obscure economic papers in front of a room full of wonks. You want this woman on your team, in other words. She's recently started this blog that scrutinizes the latest coverage of climate change.

Congressional Dish (podcast): I met Jen Briney while standing in cuffs at the Anacostia Station waiting for processing after getting arrested in front of the White House in 2011. Jen is a Congressional junkie. A "C-SPAN Geek". She hosts an entertaining (yes) podcast about Congress (and corporate influence) full of details all the news shows fail to mention, like all the crazy stuff hidden inside mundane-sounding bills. Her podcast is generous with the sarcasm, but it's grounded in a underlying faith in democracy's potential.